If lately you have received a lot of criticism for a creative work project, and it could be affecting you in a negative way. Having thick skin helps, but this is getting through to you in a stronger way than most things usual do. Whether this is professional or it has some connection to your … Continue reading Criticism

Inner Truth

Even if you are not a spiritual person, you could find yourself on a quest for greater meaning. You have been exploring a lot of theories and concepts, but you just want to find the wisdom that speaks directly to you. Studying a contemplative text can yield sudden insights. Meditation or exploring your dreams can … Continue reading Inner Truth

Keep Moving Forward

It may seem that every time you have reached for anything fun and exciting, or designed to improve your future, life gets in the way. Something goes wrong, or something disappoints you, and then you feel even further behind in your plans. You have to trust that everything is as it should be.  Sometimes delays … Continue reading Keep Moving Forward

Quixotic Quest

The sad lament of a favorite U2 song states “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.  That’s a very difficult thing to admit, including to oneself. If you’ve tried really hard in a quixotic quest to find something-such as love, passion, a dream, then you may now be feeling that your quest was futile … Continue reading Quixotic Quest