The Long-shot

During the Kentucky Derby in 1913, a horse named Donerail began the race at odds of 91.45 to 1 – and won! Donerail paid $184.90 to win on a $2 bet, which is still the highest paying winner ever in the history  of this illustrious race.  Anyone who put their money on this horse enjoyed … Continue reading The Long-shot

Premio Dardos Award

My many  thanks to Patty Alcala from Straberry Patch. Her stories from the heart included My Journey of Compassion.  Her nomination gives me an insight into my writing.  You are listening to what I am passing on.  This blog started when I helped some one, then ‘The pay it forward” gripped me and started flourishing … Continue reading Premio Dardos Award

Wish Upon a Star

If you could wish on a star, appeal to a higher power, or find a genie in a bottle to help you with a special request that seem too hard to reach at sometime in your life is …. However, you won’t be needing any of those things.  The secret to achieving success with your … Continue reading Wish Upon a Star

Start Walking

It has been said that you can’t get anywhere in life if you don’t know where you want to go, but that’s not really true. Certainly if you just started walking you would eventually find yourself somewhere that you liked, but you can be more precise if you actually figure out before hand which road … Continue reading Start Walking

Darker Times

Whenever the world begins to seem like a cruel and frightening place, you tend to retreat to your shell and draw the curtains in tight. That is your way of surviving during darker times. Sometimes, though, it is wiser to remain out in the world because there is something for you to learn that you … Continue reading Darker Times

Your Way of Giving

“Your way of giving is more important than what you give.” A gift or a big favor or opportunity could come as a surprise.  This will be a very welcome surprise and it could change the immediate future. To recognize the immense value of this unexpected arrival though, you will have to be open to … Continue reading Your Way of Giving

Be Skeptical

There  are people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. They can provide a complete account of it.  They can tell you how the  flying saucer landed in a clearing in the woods, and how little aliens creatures stepped out.  They can recall being watched and studied.  They remember being set free at the … Continue reading Be Skeptical