First Step

In Wizard of Oz, all Dorothy had to do to find the magnificent Emerald City was to stay on the Yellow Brick Road.  She knew that would lead where she wanted to go. In real life, it isn’t always that easy to know which path to follow.  Considering  the next steps toward the future is … Continue reading First Step

When The Time Is Right

How do you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July?  Will you take a trip to the beach, or to see fireworks?  Will you put on the barbacue apron and light up the grill?  Will you opt for the indoor entertainment by visiting an aquarium or a museum?  What’s that?  It’s way too early to … Continue reading When The Time Is Right

Your Dreams Tonight

Your dreams tonight may offer you a glimpse of the future, although the messages you receive may not be straightforward or easy understand. Keep a notepad and a pen by your bed and write down any dreams or thoughts that come to you so you can interpret them later. If  your dreams are uplifting and … Continue reading Your Dreams Tonight

Happiness in Each Moment

You could be so very happy…. You can probably fill in that blank easily.  In fact, there may be quite a few words that would suit just fine. There are probably many things that you think you need to find true happiness. If you had a better job, an intriguing love interest, a bigger house, … Continue reading Happiness in Each Moment